The flavors of the seasons and the rhythms of the past time, today.

Al Granaio - Bio 

Immersed in the greenery and peace of the countryside and set in a large barn belonging to a late-ancient convent, Al Granaio is a perfect blend of modernity and rusticity, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Seasonal menu with dishes of the day paired with our vegetables and organic fruit or from neighboring areas. Traditional dishes revisited with the latest cooking techniques. The flavors and rhythms of a past time, today.


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Menu and Seasons

foods that follow the alternation of the seasons ...

Al Granaio 

From an old barn to a restaurant ...

I nostri Vini 

A variety of local wines for a perfect match ...



If you are looking for quality

if you want to discover old flavors and rhythms more livable for our hearts,

if you love searching for tradition and tasting experiences,

so you're in the right place,

I assure you, dear friend,

that here you will not be betrayed but hosted with cordiality and conquered by genuine goodness.


Monica Bullian 


The owners, Marco and Romina, are already a guarantee. Their hospitality is famous, in fact they enjoy loyal customers (also foreign) that follows them, since their experience in the field of catering is over a decade, and much appreciated and known as their kindness, courtesy and availability!
The restaurant is located in a very pleasant position: landscape and tranquility take you to a corner that seems to be of other times ......

Erika Wo - Local Guide


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Via Tiel, 24 San Lorenzo di Fiumicello-Boscat Agro Aquileiese

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Tel:+ 39 339 72 588 94  |  Email:


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